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9 / 30 / 2011

Let’s face it – our world’s gone digital

By Jackie Koumpouras, account manager

Whether you work in public relations, advertising or marketing, it’s important to understand and keep up with current developments in the field. One of these ongoing evolutions is digital marketing. At Borshoff, we understand digital marketing is about meeting customers where they are most—the Internet. Whether on their smart phone at the grocery store, reading the news on their iPad, or viewing the latest sports replays online—let’s face it—our world has gone digital.

As more and more companies invest in digital marketing, it’s crucial to understand the lingo. Are you up-to-speed on the most common words and software? Check out our digital marketing terms glossary and tell me, what’s missing?

7 / 12 / 2011

Our IPREX network welcomes new partner in China

By Susan Matthews, APR, principal

Ni hao. (That’s “hello” in Chinese.) Our IPREX network of independent PR firms is growing, and we’re excited to welcome our newest partner in Asia Pacific – Newell PR.

With headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Newell’s roots are in technology, with clients including Adobe, CSR, Polycom, Yahoo! and Cisco. Today the firm has grown to embrace a wide range of business-to-business work in a broad spectrum of industries, from consumer to insurance and education. (more…)

5 / 10 / 2011

Food for thought from IPREX annual meeting

By Susan Matthews, APR, principal

I recently returned from the annual IPREX meeting in Washington, D.C., where I enjoyed the collegiality of our partners from around the world and picked up plenty of good information along the way. IPREX is an international network of independent public relations and communications agencies, so meetings always offer great discussions about creative ideas on how to run our companies.

During the D.C. meeting, we also heard from several presenters ranging from a Reuters deputy bureau chief to a social media pro to a political columnist. Below are some interesting data points and insights. (more…)

4 / 11 / 2011

“Health is the new green.” A look at IUPUI’s PR Lifelines in Health Care conference

By Jackie Koumpouras, account associate

Working full time while being a part-time student certainly has its benefits. Last Thursday, the Master’s program I’m enrolled in conducted its third annual PR Lifelines in Health Care conference at its campus center in downtown Indianapolis.

PR Lifelines in Health Care is presented by the Indiana University School of Journalism Master of Arts in Public Relations program at IUPUI. The conference is designed to provide PR professionals, in the health care and life science industries of central Indiana, with some of the latest communications tools, information and strategies that can be a “lifeline” to new ideas and innovative programs involving health care. I had the opportunity to attend not only as a graduate student studying PR health care but also as a representative of Borshoff.


2 / 03 / 2011

Starting your PR engines

By Linda Jackson, APR, senior account director

Mark Suster, an expert I follow on Twitter, recently posted a blog about how startups can best use PR firms, which got my attention because I’m passionate about both PR and startup companies. Most of his advice was spot on, especially from the entrepreneur’s perspective. Relationships are the hinge on which all things work. Not only is it necessary to develop relationships with journalists whom you hope will cover your new venture, but also develop relationships with the person promoting your company on your behalf, whether that person is in-house or an extension of your team. (more…)

1 / 25 / 2011

IPREX: global perspectives and local insight

By Amanda Payne, account manager

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend IPREX’s Global Leadership Conference. IPREX is an international association of independent communications agencies. Essentially, it means that Borshoff, and our clients, have access to a network of more than 65 independent agencies, in 30 countries, with 90 offices around the world.

This year’s conference focused on the idea of “PR 20:20—Envisioning and becoming agencies of the future.” Together, with other account managers from around the country (and London!) I brainstormed about ways that our agency can continue to adapt and evolve as the world around us evolves. (more…)

1 / 03 / 2011

Advice from a first-year PR pro: 5 personal New Year’s resolutions for 2011

By Jackie Koumpouras, account associate

2010 marked my first year as a full-time professional at Borshoff. I learned something new every day, developed my communications and business skills, and discovered personal and professional strengths—as well as areas of improvement.

With a year under my belt and 2011 upon us, I know exactly what my 5 PR resolutions are for the new year: (more…)

10 / 07 / 2010

Adapting to the changing media landscape

By Linda Jackson, APR, account director

An interesting article was posted to the Bulldog Reporter site yesterday about the growing influence of social media and need for PR practitioners to keep up. Three take-aways pulled directly from the article:

  1. The use of social media at public relations and public affairs firms has jumped 12%-15% in the past year. Currently, the total percentage of work devoted by firms to social media as opposed to traditional media is 30% overall, and next year, the percentage will increase to an average of 42%. In a year or two, the percentage will be over 50%.
  2. PR practitioners — and firms in particular — must get increasingly up to speed to know what the online dynamic is all about and how to use it. They will need new skills, because mastering this space is a lot more than just setting up a Facebook account — PR people need to know how to create online advocacy programs that address issues, marketing support initiatives that help to push products, surveys that keep customers and others involved in what their clients do. Most important, they have to understand the of the need to create a strategic plan, not just throw stuff up helter-skelter like it is being done now by many firms.
  3. Some people are interpreting our prediction of the dominance of social media as an outright replacement of traditional media — that won’t necessarily happen, but social media will become the primary focus of PR efforts in the next few years, overtaking traditional media as the dominant focus.

8 / 25 / 2010

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in

By Chad Mertz, account manager

I thought I had filled out my last timesheet. I thought the days of three client events happening simultaneously were in my past. I saw greener pastures with dancing bears, giggling children and double rainbows.

Let me explain. I began my career in an agency setting. Even before I graduated from Indiana University, I was working full time in the world of client acquisition and service. And don’t get me wrong—I loved it.

But after awhile, I felt the need to explore other avenues.

So when my wife and I moved to Cincinnati for her job, I decided that was the time to make a change. I met an amazingly talented and energetic woman who would eventually become my boss and introduce me to the truly fascinating world of museums.

After a wonderful stint at Cincinnati Museum Center, we moved back to Indiana where I signed on for a temporary gig at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Both organizations are remarkable and I highly recommend a visit to either, regardless of your age.

3 / 22 / 2010

Meet some of Indiana’s best and brightest

by Bill Lovejoy, vice president

On Friday, the Borshoff hallways were buzzing with more voices than usual when we welcomed 15 college students who were participating in the first American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing 360 event to our agency. The students are marketing, public relations and communications majors from schools across Indiana, including Ball State, Indiana Wesleyan, the University of Indianapolis and more.AMA_Students

How do you keep 15 college kids engaged for more than an hour? In our case, after giving them an office tour, five Borshoff staff members told the students a little about our widely different careers and what makes them challenging, interesting and fun. And since we were a diverse bunch (including our founder Myra Borshoff Cook and others who represent account management, events, public relations and art direction), we had a blast telling the students different stories about why we love what we do. (more…)

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