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Where legends grow.

Throughout the years the Indianapolis Indians have had their fair share of legends, from Roger Maris to Randy Johnson to Razor Shines. And each season sees a new crop of unknowns battle to become household names. So, what better way to promote the 2016 season than to tell the stories of these legends in the making?

Telling the tallest of tales

Every story we told may seem larger than life. But they’re all true. Honest.

The players aren’t the only ones who can achieve legendary status. Our TV spots showed that the stories and memories people take home from the ballpark can grow into legends of their own.

Who wouldn’t believe the tall tales spun by the narrator in our radio campaign?

The Indians have drawn record-breaking crowds every year since our partnership began.

Thanks for the creative and bold look that did lead to a record attendance. Looking forward to another great season!

Randy Lewandowski

General Manager, Indianapolis Indians

If you brew it, they will come

Research showed that young professionals were an untapped audience for the Indians. The solution? Sun King Craft Beer Nights – seven games where fans could sample beers from the city’s best-known brewer – targeted millenials who live and work downtown. A coaster series offered a tie-in – and gave fans a little something legendary to take home.